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With Love from Sweden

Acrilex Egenvård is a self-care company that develops and markets food supplements, fish oil, vitamins and minerals. Since 1998 we have been a part of and developed Swedish self-care industry.

Twenty years ago, Pelle Larsson started Acrilex. With his experience in the traditional medical and pharmaceutical industry, he began to be interested in self-care products. Pelle decided to work only with food supplements in the Swedish market.

Ten years ago, Pelle met his colleague, Åsa Karlsson, who has a long and solid experience in product development of dietary supplements. This led to the fact that they started working together. Åsa’s expertise and knowledge of product development enabled Acrilex to develop its own products.

Today, we develop new health products through our own skills and manufacture them in close cooperation with our producers. Acrilex products are sold at pharmacies and in health food stores around Sweden and now also on export. The Acrilex headquarters are located in Norrköping, Sweden.

Natural products that spread joy and prosperity

We sell herbal supplements, fish oil, vitamins, minerals and skin care. Our own brands are made especially for us. Our products should be easy to use and adapt. Whether you are a child or an adult

Monkids vitamins and fish oil should be useful, good and easy to eat. Children should eat them with joy and help parents to feed their kids with vitamins every day. We don’t use any artificial sweeteners or artificial dyes. All additives should be natural and free from allergens.

In Acrilex’s range, we strive to have as little additives as possible. Wherever possible we only have vegetable ingredients. We, as far as possible, avoid allergens and unnecessary additives. Everyone should be able to eat our products.

Well documented with high quality

Quality is important! We carefully check all manufacturing facilities and ensure that they comply with current quality standards. All our products contain raw materials that are well documented and we only offer substances that have proven good effect. Acrilex Egenvård is a member of the trade association Svensk Egenvård

As a smaller company, we have close communications and can make quick decisions. We keep our eyes open for new and unique products and we are always responsive and flexible for market demands.

Monkids skin care is 99% natural and only the smell is synthetic to make it allergen free. Monkids skin care is completely natural, vegetable, allergen free, organic and mild for the child’s sensitive skin.



 Acrilex Egenvård AB
    SE-601 86 Norrköping
+46 380-409 70 

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