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Swedish Self-Care since 1998

Acrilex Egenvård has helped Swedish families with effective self-care for children and adults for two decades. We develop and market food supplements in Sweden and sell new innovative products that are good for both body and mind. Acrilex Egenvård is a member of the trade association Svensk Egenvård. Our headquarters are located in Norrköping.

Our own products are sold under the two brands Monkids™ (for children) and Acrilex™ (for adults). Since we develop and produce most of our products in Sweden, we have control over the entire production process – From the raw material to the final product. You can always trust a Monkids or Acrilex product!





 Acrilex Egenvård AB
    SE-601 86 Norrköping
+46 380-409 70 

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